• Global market leader in metal roof tiles

    Global market leader in metal roof tiles

    We make a valuable contribution to housing and building projects worldwide and indirectly to the well being of people in general.

Metal roof tiles: premium quality roofing, whatever the climate

ROOFTG’s durable metal roof tiles provide houses and (commercial) buildings with premium quality roofing in over 150 countries. The team of experts in our R&D department bring together their years of experience and market demand knowhow. The result? Innovation that manifests itself in an extensive product range of premium quality metal roof tiles for both new build and renovation projects. 


Lightweight, durable roofing solution

Lightweight, durable roofing solution

A building’s roof could be likened to its calling card. This is why our metal roof tiles integrate functionality, quality and aesthetics.  We use premium quality raw materials to produce our multi-layered metal roof tiles. The result are incredibly strong, durable, lightweight and stylish metal roof tiles.

Our roof tiles

Our global activities

ROOFTG operates on a global scale, employing more than 500 people.  We produce metal roof tiles at three production sites, and export these via four sales agencies to more than 150 countries.